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Jack has a new e-mail address: newaskjack at gmail dot com
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NOTICE: Jack is still accepting shipment of carriages but not entire machines. Here is why. "Nobody packs better than I do," says Jack, "but even so, none of the carriers take enough care to protect the machines. Even those I have packed, after hours of repair and service, have arrived with damage." We cannot encourage knitters to put valuable and irreplaceable equipment at such risk. SO FAR we have been successful at sending and recieving carriages and garter carriages. Let's hope that continues! When possible, we DO travel short distances to meet conveniently with knitters and accept whole machines from hand to hand.
If you have a question for Jack, please see the following:
Who knew that knitting machine advice from Ask Jack would be in such demand? I want to continue to give free assistance to the extent that e-mail makes that possible around the world. Obviously, the people who are paying for repairs deserve my full concentration and focus on their machines while they are in my hands. It's what I'll give yours if it comes my way. With that in mind, e-mail replies to questions about how you can do your own repairs may not be instantaneous. I want to think about your issue carefully too! So I must ask you to be a little bit patient with me if if takes awhile to return your e-mail. I truly try not to lose any and to give each one the attention it needs in order. This also applies when you request a video. We welcome the ideas and will make as many as possible but machines in progress must come first.

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If you want Jack to work on your machine, please read this. Please e-mail first, using the address above to discuss the matter so that we can agree on a game plan and discuss likely costs. It's a bad idea for many reasons to have surprise packages showing up.

We always insure machines on their way home and strongly suggest that you insure en route to us. There is no telling what may happen in transit. The Ask Jack playlist contains a video about safe packing of carriages that you may find helpful.

Labor prices when offered do not include return shipping which will vary with the item and the distance it must travel. If parts must be ordered to fix something that is found upon deep cleaning and examination, the cost of parts and shipping them to us will also be added. There is a charge to look at your machine and find a problem.

There has been such a tremendous request for work that I must now schedule the arrival of new pieces when when room opens up in the shop and I can assign your machine a time slot. This will prevent long waits for attention and delays in turn around time. You do want me to do all I can while I have your equipment. If this takes a lot of time, I'll give it that and hope you'll understand what's going on and be patient. But what I don't want to do is cause you to suffer unnecessary wait time while I am not even ready to look at your beloved machine, thus the necessity of careful scheduling.
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SHIPPING A MACHINE TO JACK We only accept packages by USPS or bus shipping. Over long distances, this website can save you money and has proven satisfactory so far:

Here's a bit of explanation. We live and work in a mixed use neighborhood and our property is such that a package that arrives when we are not present is left near the street. This is a VERY bad idea. Add to that that the ground delivery services have a poor performance record here. They leave packages at the wrong addresses and fail to call to announce delivery even when given contact info. They also balk at paying claims when they damage machines. So we just cannot expose your valuables to this treatment.

USPS in this area has a better record and we keep a PO box as our only mailing address. This means that your machine will wait in the security of the post office for us to pick it up and examine it in the presence of the post master. It's much safer. If you want to use Bus Frieghter, we will pick up the machine at the depot in the nearest large town which also allows us to examine the package while it's still in the custody of the carrier.

When we have all discussed the needs of your machine, time frame and likely costs, we will give you an address. We don't publish the address on the internet.

There is one other excellent option which is to hand the machines over directly from you to us. We can arrange to meet you at some reasonable distance. We can also travel to your locale to pick up if there are a lot of machines needing attention.

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