Jack's favorite chemicals for maintaining metal flatbed knitting machines
We do not sell these. Many are available at auto parts stores. Other info is below:
Aero Kroil from Kano Labs
phone 615-833-4101
LPS 1 part #00116
LPS FGH1 part # 01716
we get our LPS from Grainger.
Amazon also carries it.
CRC chemicals QD electronic cleaner
part #05103
Marvel Mystery Oil
Tub o' Towels wonderworksproducts.com

These have been carefully researched for safety and effectiveness. Safety is an issue both for the materials on the machine and those of us who handle them. They may not be the only ones in the world that will work but they ARE the only ones I have had years to research and test and I won't recommend or use any substitutes. When I travel to seminars, I try to bring more than enough for my use and will sell the surplus to attendees to make it easy for you to try them out.

We keep hearing that people are having trouble obtaining the chemicals we suggest for knitting machines so Jack has been in touch with the companies and found out for you how to order them. The websites make it appear that one has to have a business to order but this is not really true. They will accept all orders if placed correctly. Here is how to do it.

WWW.Grainger.com carries the items below:
Part # 6Y743 LPS 1
Part # 19C657 LPS H1 food Grade Lube
Part # 4YPJ5 CRC Contact Cleaner
Part # 1UET4 Marvel Mystery Oil (1 gal)
Part # 1UET3 Marvel Mystery Oil (1 qrt)

1. visit www.grainger.com
2. click on "Bulk Order Pad" on upper right (red button) and fill in part #'s and quantity
3. click Add To Cart Then click View Cart Then click Proceed to Checkout
Choose third option (from left) Guest Checkout
4. Fill in forms and check next to proceed When at the "Finalize Order" page be sure to
click Finalize Order to submit your order. An order confirmation page should come up.
(if you want to register, it will make future purchases faster.)
Phone: 1-800-GRAINGER (800-472-4643) | Email: customer_feedback@grainger.com

WWW.kanolabs.com carries Aero Kroil
Click on the "Order Direct" option on the top of the list, on the left of the page. Agree to sales conditions and go to product page.
Aero Kroil is first product at the top of the page, pick your size (by the can or by the case). Shipping form is at the bottom of the page,scroll down. Company name is required; just enter "(your name) Knits".

People often ask Jack if some chemical is OK as a substitute. The answer is no. There may, in fact be some acceptable substitutes but there is no way for him to do equal amounts of research on all of them so he just cannot, in good conscience, recommend any but these. Research is going in in 2016 to try to find some things that are more readily available to those outside of the US.
Marvel Mystery Oil http://www.marvelmysteryoil.com/
Not everyone is aware of how and why Marvel Mystery Oil works for knitting machines but it has worked for us for decades and for countless knitting friends around the world. Marvel Mystery Oil has a website full of info.

Flat Bed Machines
What I use MMO for:
The process I invented is for metal beds and carriages only. It's the metal parts we treat. I remove covers, dials, buttons and casings and you should too. MMO can stain these.
I have successfully used the procesd for years and years.MMO was formulated to protect and refurbish metals. I have found that it also cleans them beautifully. Soaking in it cleans areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

What I do NOT use MMO for:
It's not suitable for plastic machines at all. It is also not for daily or routine lubricating except antique sock machines. Read below. In fact we remove MMO with LPS 1 after the soaking process. If circuitry is involved, meticulous removal from circuit board, connectors and wiring is a must.
Kathryn says:
I bought my AutoKnitter in working but grubby condition. It worked but made and incredible racket and required constant oiling. I asked Jack how to get it running smoothly. He suggested that I use Marvel Mystery Oil as my main cleaner and lubricant so I did. This oil is designed for the break-in period for cam shafts in engines. Not only is it a superior lubricant, it is designed to form a chemical bond to protect sensitive moving metal parts where high heat and friction are issues. My machine dripped black oil for an entire year. Then one day, I noticed that it no longer dripped, did not require oiling very often and that the cylinder looked shiny and new! It is very quiet in operation. Though it is red, the oil does not stain socks. I just put a little soap [my favorite is Dawn dishwashing foam] directly on any spots and rub it in prior to washing. The oil is not harmful to the skin. Whenever they are out of the machine, my needles soak in Marvel Mystery Oil. Often it will loosen up a sluggish latch.

In Canada, Marvel Mystery Oil may be obtained here: http://www.aircraftspruce.ca/

Read Kathryn's historical novel

Obtaining Jack's favorite products in the UK--we have heard from a wonderful and persistent knitter in the UK who has succeeded in finding them! We are posting her comments below just as she wrote them to insure that we don't accidentally get anything wrong. LPS
Success, so you are wlecome to recommend my source . I ordered the LPS spray Friday night online and it arrived this morning (Tuesday) via UPS. Considering I ordered after hours, with a weekend in between, it was quite fast.

Total cost was 13.14, half of which was the delivery charge. Sadly these items don't seem available at hardware stores like in the US, but I'll keep looking and let you know if I find better deals.

My 881 Knitleader has been cleaned from a little fluff under the cover, sprayed with LPS and we've knitted a man's sleeve this evening with it, having first checked the pattern was clicking up accurately.

Details are given below, as some people prefer to order by telephone.

BS Teasdale & Son Ltd
Unit 7, Delta Court, Sky Business Park
Robin Hood Airport
Doncaster, DN9 3GN UK
Tel: 0845 6430950
Int Tel: +44(0)1302 775208
E: sales@detectable-products.co.uk

Order online from:

You don't even have to register, you can order as a guest. The cost was much more than you pay in the US, but everything seems to cost more here.

My Marvel Mystery Oil bought last spring cost over 10 but an internet search shows it now as around 14.99 - huge price compared with the 5 dollars as quoted on your utube. I ordered by phone from US Automative.co.uk, they were helpful and it arrived quickly. Sorry I didn't seem to keep the paperwork.