Dear readers, these notes are from some correspondence with a knitter who dismantled his card reader. Sadly, if one is not cautious, it may dismantle itself. You need to know that I have built jet aircraft and this is harder so if you have not already had a disaster, please don't try to take your reader apart. Though I'm a big proponent of DIY, this is not a suitable DIY project. However, those who have already had a mishap, read on and I hope it helps you.

I am so sorry, we did not do a video (or take pictures) of my process mostly because I would very much discourage anyone from taking a card reader assembly that far apart.  if you're already in this situation, here's the clearest instruction I can offer.

 When I went to install the connecting rods from the card reader to the information strips in the bed; I got two small plastic straws (the kind that come with a spray can to go into the spray cap), I used needle nose pliers to squeeze the straws flat (not real hard,just slightly so they are not round any more) then I would insert a rod into the card reader (there are two rows one over the top of the other) putting one straw over the rod near the card reader end and the other straw under the rod a little further out away from the reader. If you keep doing this as you insert rods from one side to the other you should get them to stay in place by weaving the two straws over and under the rods.  You must be sure to cut the length of the straws short enough that they are not in the way when you install the card reader into the bed again, if they stick out on the sides too much they won't let the assembly move into place properly.  You will have to work the free ends (tapered, pointy end goes into reader-flat round end goes into the flat metal bands in the bed) into the holes for them in the flat bands slowly and maybe one at a time.  I used a pair of hemostats, but small needle nose pliers or a pair of tweezers will work.