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Here are some places we go to get yarn, parts, information and so on. We are only listing places that we deal with and trust. You'll need to copy and paste these addresses into your browser.

Where can I buy machine knitting yarn at good prices?
Kathryn's favorite yarn shopping places are:
Stephanie's Studio. Stephanie is a long time seller of great bargain yarns and a good knitter herself who posts a lot of info about using each yarn. You will probably have to e-mail the proprietor Linda Williams to see what is available right now and the deals are fantastic. Linda also runs a facebook for sale group called Country Knitting Machine Sales that is worth joining. She and I post there along with other reliable machine knitters. Linda has been a production knitter and designer so what she knows about yarn is vast.
Peter Patchis. Great deals on special yarns. Sign up for the newsletter to find out what is on sale right now. The deals and the yarn are both excellent.

Where can I find parts for my machine?
Needletek has an e-mail form on their website but responds better to telephone calls. Get contact infor at
One or our favorite machine knitting teachers also runs The parts available are not all cateloged on the website. e-mail Michael Becker with your needs. He is responsive and knowledgable.
Peter Patchis sells Taitexma knitting machines which are copies of old Brother models. Many of the parts will work to keep your old Brother going. E-mail or call him to express your needs.
Leeanneco on ebay sells lots of Brother parts and some othe knitting machine parts. Very fast delivery.

What about rebuilding sponge bars?
It works great IF you use the right stuff. We have heard some horror stories about rebuilds with the wrong stuff. Happily, sells a variety of self adhesive sponge strips that come with good instructions and have worked well for us. See our video about this to see how it's done.

Where do I get the chemicals you are always ranting about?
That info is on our Ask Jack page.

I need a manual or a service manual or info that is contained in one. Where do I go?
There are several great sources for free pdf manuals. We can't tell you exactly which are available because the wonderful keepers of these pages keep collecting and adding them as a service to the machine knitting community. We have found these a huge help when repairing vintage machines.
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