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Knitting loom collection for sale, pictured at right. Also included but not pictured is a KB tadpole loom. Most are knifty knitters. 2 light blue and the pink are another brand made in the same way. The wooden double board is homemade and comes with washers to adjust board spacing easily. 1 end nail is loose. The needles are little wire brads. The collection will come with a digital copy of my book "nift patterns for knifty knitters". $75 for all plus actual shipping cost. I'll box it up and get the po to commit to a price then invoice you for the total so we don't have to guess. Great collection for teaching your scout group the joy of knitting. e-mail me using the addresses in the contact info link at right and we'll get these on the way to you. The Answer Lady
If you own the Merry Go Round sweater pattern, please see the pattern sale page for notice of a correction as of 4-21-14
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Addi Adventures--projects for the Addi Kingsize
The Answer Lady's Machine Knitting Notebook*
Baby Patterns
Bare Minimum Bikini
Bigger Than Bulky Machine Knits
Bulky Cotton Top Collection
Can These Be Cables?
CHEAP TRICKS for machine knitters
Circular Logic Sweaters
Cool Make-it-yourself Tools for Machine Knitters
Cozy Cottage bulky sampler
Every Which Way Reversible Cables for all machines
Fabulous Felted Bag Collection
Fabulous Felted Footwear Collection
Fabulous Felted Comforts: hats, toys, mittens and more
Fabulous Felted Vests and Jackets
Great Knitted Gifts
Herbs: The Answer Lady Tells All
Hundreds of Hat patterns
Kangaroo Covers
Keyhole Scarf Collection
Knitting and Sew On
Merry-Go-Round--a circle sweater that flatters all figures
Painted Ladies Sweater Collection
Personal Best
Socks of All Sorts
Snug as a Bug
TOTALLY TUBULAR patterns and other things for sock machines
Wanderlust Cables
VIDEOS: Adding outdoor soles and anti-slip treads to your felted footwear [scroll down below the book]

Jack's Aran Vest
Patterns for Kiss, AIO and Noble Knitter looms
PICTURE THIS-reversible picture knitting for double knitting boards
HALF HAT for hand knitters

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The Answer Lady is Kathryn Doubrley. I write about the things that I love most and do best. If you are a machine knitter, gardener, herb enthusiast or seamstress, we may already be acquainted. Perhaps we have met at seminars. You may have read my articles. This website is a place where we can keep in touch and a marketplace for pubications hot off The Answer Lady Press. The tools and yarns I enjoy most are also for sale here, in case you like them too. I am available for demonstrations at knitting and gardening events by arrangement. If you have a machine knitting question, you may e-mail the address above and I'll try to help.

A word about copyright A copyright means that only the person holding it has the right to distribute the work in any form whatsoever. For the books and patterns on this site, that means that you may make as many copies as you need for your own personal use. I know that I make notes on mine, spill on them lose them and print myself more. You may do so as well. I also permit readers to produce knitted items and sell them using my patterns. Passing on the patterns in any form is the prohibited action. I think most of my customers respect that fact and understand that if copyright is breached, it soon becomes un-worthwhile for designers to publish. If you are working for a charity, have a scout troup or some such thing, contact me privately. I often give special permission for such situations. If I do, it will be accompanied by a letter that you should save, formally granting you an exception so that there will never be a question of propriety.

Introducing "Ask Jack" The Answer Lady doesn’t know everything. Sometimes I have to ask Jack. Jack is my husband. His experience and expertise in all kinds of mechanical endeavors make him my first and best source of help when a mechanical question arises. Now you can ask Jack, too. E-mail him with your mechanical questions using this form. PU-LEEZ remember to include your e-mail address. We have no way of reaching you without it and we get queries all the time from knitters who forgot to include it. If you have not heard back from us, that is why. Please try again WITH address this time
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