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Paypal is the quickest way to pay for your books. It will accept e-checks or credit cards or direct transfers from a bank account. There are paypal buttons for everything on the website. However, if you are not a fan of paypal, I do accept regular old-fashioned paper checks on US banks. email for arrangements if you want to do that.

Make sure that with your check you include what you are ordering! It's amazingly easy to forget. If it is a pattern, remember to send your e-mail address so that I can send you the download link. All patterns are sold as downloads.

If you absolutely must have a paper pattern, I can accomodate you by printing it myself and mailing it to you but there is an extra charge for this. I can also burn a pattern or patterns to a cd for you if downloads are a problem. The charges for these services will vary by pattern and by what it will cost to send them to you where you live. We can discuss the details of your individual needs via e-mail.

I have a new, easier to type and remember e-mail address. Here it is in anti-spam format: knittinganswerlady at gmail dot com Return it to normal to use.

The hotmail addresses are still active but have been losing some mail plus they require you to type my impossible last name. I still have a Yahoo address but it has become so problematic that I advise you to use the new one so that we communicate successfully.

If you have trouble, please try again. I never ignore e-mails but some of them do go astray.

I now have a a Facebook presence, though I think I am the last woman in America to do so. You can find me at
if you wish to be friends, my Facebook id is
If you just search for Kate Winslow, there are quite a few of us but I am listed as having gone to school at UHUH which is an inside joke that by happenstance makes me easier to find.