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These patterns were designed on KB looms. Experienced knitters may be able to work them on other looms. NOTE TO KISS LOOMERS: I believe that all of these patterns except the string shopper will work for you on the regular or small gauge looms as long as you can achieve the right setup and peg count with the looms you have.
All Sales Are Final
SHAPED FAIRISLE HAT This hat has a shaped crown that gives it a very smooth fit. A touch of fairisle adds pizzazz with only a little bit of extra work. Sized to fit all adults. Hat is stretchy. Most kids age 10 and up can wear the adult size. Stitches used are double board rib and double board stockinette. All stitch instructions including fairisle are included. Use any #5 yarn but Wool-Ease chunky is recommended. Knit this on a Authentic Knitting Board or Knifty Knitter long loom with at least 50 needles on each board. If you can match the gauge of 2.5 stitches/2.7 rows per inch in double board stockinette on your double knitting loom and have enough pegs, you can make the hat. $3 MARVELOUS MOBIUS This wonderful garment can be a scarf or a hood or both. It is fabulously wind-resistant and easier on the hair-do than most hats. Knitting is simplicity itself. Authentic Knitting Board with at least 26 needles on each side using the widest spacer, a Knifty Knitter Long Loom or another double knitting board that can match the gauge of approximately 2 stitches/1.6 rows per inch in double stockinette may be used. The yarn used for the sample is no longer available but any soft #5 yarn may be substituted. Yarns on the lighter end of the #5 spectrum are preferred. $2 BEAUTIFUL BRIM WITH LATTICE TRIM This hat come in 2 sizes: 15 and 21 in circumference. One is for babies, the other for big kids and adults. It features a brim and a lattice-work band above the brim. The crown is shaped with a technique that removes bulk but does not require adjusting the loom. All-N-One loom using 58 or 82 needles depending on size. Knit it in worsted weight [#4] acrylic or wool yarn using the e-wrapped knit stitch and the lattice cable. Instructions for the cable are included in the pattern. You must know how to do the e-wrap, regular knit and flat knit stitches. Gauge is 3.87 stitches/5 rows per inch using the e-wrap stitch If you can match the gauge and needle count on another loom, the pattern will work on it, too. $3
All-N-One Bikini This bikini will steal the show at the beach and it is easy to knit. The pattern includes 3 sizes to fit 31-36 bust and 33-38 hip Takes a maximum of 45 pegs on each board with 2 skeins Deborah Norville Everyday Worsted. Knitted in double stockinette with the smallest spacer on the All-N-One Knitting Board gets a gauge of 3.5 stitches and 4.5 rows per inch. Another board that can match the gauge may also be used. $4

STRING SHOPPER Knit a traditional European string shopping bag on your All-N-One Loom or any loom with a similar gauge that can provide the right number of pegs and on which knitting may be worked in the round. The bag is a great practice piece as it includes several stitches. Complete instructions and illustrations for each stitch are included in the pattern to help beginners. All-N-One Loom using 80 or 106 needles Any worsted weight[#4] cotton. Finished size: 11" or 15". E-wrapped stockinette, flat stitch, figure 8 stitch, every other needle stockinette and flat stitch. All stitch instructions are included. $3
BASIC BRAIDED CABLE: This is the smallest simplest version of the braided cable. It takes place over 4 knit stitches. Outline those stitches with at least 1 purl stitch to each side to set off the cable. Row 1: knit the 4 cable stitches. Row 2: knit the 4 cable stitches, then cross stitches 2 and 3 of the 4, crossing right over left. Row 3: knit the 4 cable stitches. Row 4: knit the 4 cable stitches, then cross 1 & 2 left over right and also cross 3 & 4 left over right. Repeat rows 1-4 throughout the length of the project. Be sure not to knit overly tightly. Doing so will make the crossing rows very difficult, especially row 4.